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Triumph Apparel – November 3 2012

Triumph Leybourne Jacket

We're happy to be now carrying some of Hinckley's finest with Triumph's impressive line of riding gear. Triumph has really brought it all together with a line of jackets, boots and gloves. We have a few t-shirts and trinkets too. The jackets have really nice detailing and quality. Colour choices in leather and textile are timeless but have modern cuts. The detailing goes right down to the snaps, rivets, zips and stitching.

Triumph Leybourne Jacket, Triumph Engineer Boots

This gear looks great both on and off your bike with styles that look just as good in a restaurant as on the street. And function and form meet; Triumph hasn't just made a line of apparel that looks great, it performs -- all of Triumph's jackets are equipped with removable armour and waterproof gear is even waterproofed in the pockets to keep your important stuff dry.

We're really excited to carry Triumph gear. You don't need to ride a Triumph to wear it either -- the branding runs the gamut on this lineup, from backs with the classic Triumph logo, to subtle branding only on snaps and the sleeve badge which varies from style to style.

Not all styles we have in stock are pictured here and more will be making their way into the shop so stop by and see it for yourself.

Triumph Union Jacket